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Discover the power of Employee Engagement​

A single platform to manage and measure workplace engagement level to align with your business goals for achieving greatest purpose.

  • Variety of Tools: Different tools available for your business to execute engagement plan.
  • Deeply Integrated: Best-in-class solution for all of your needs. Mobile-first platform to guarantee people management is done right.
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Connect with your employees through Mobile App

Strengthen the power of effective communication. Push messages to employee directly to inform them important notices.

  • Message Delivery: Target specific employee groups by customized messages to create a sense of belonging.
  • Plan ahead: Build your employee communication plan. Keep employee updated and support their well-being.
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Boost your company events enrollment and participation

Engage your employee by hosting events inside and outside office. The platform lets you publish, enroll and interact with employees directly.

  • Enrollment: Employees have access to all events and join with their teammates directly.
  • Fun Ideas: From team-building, corporate training to leisure event, our platform sourced event options to help HR planning easily.
  • Flexible, fast reporting: On your bike mate cobblers I don't want no agro bleeding crikey
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Explore employee engagement level on an aggregated level of detail

When it is possible to measure with data, it becomes important for your to monitor and create the action plans to make continuous improvement

  • Launch your Engagement Survey: Our academic and research based survey to identify crucial factors to your organization.
  • EE Analytics Ready: End-to-end solution to empower you to monitor and analyze Employee Engagement metrics.
  • Customize your Survey: Supports to design, create and launch your other surveys. Great employee experience as one platform.
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Recognize employee by Rewards

Create positive workplace culture by recognition, engage your employee by rewarding their participation and achievement.

  • Reward system: Employees can accumulate points for redeeming gifts or benefits.
  • Budget friendly: Freely design your reward scheme depending on your budget.
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Enhance your Employee Benefits

Employees can check out latest company benefits easily in the mobile app and enjoy Purtato's exclusive offers and discounts.

  • Benefit Scheme: Turn the employee benefit experience enjoyable. Let employees check and redeem their entitled benefits easy.
  • Expand your Benefits Package: Join Purtato Benefit Scheme to offer extra employees benefits on top of your existing scheme.

Power up your Employee Engagement with
integrations into your HR Platform

Explore integrations
Power up your Employee Engagement with
integrations into your HR Platform

A Swiss Army Knife Platform

Packed with features keep your day-to-day engagement momentum.


Get employee's attention on company's important notice. Send out with email and mobile push notification.


Push alert about work reminder, skill development, work-life behavior and more to the right group of employees. Use our ready-to-send templates or customize your own.

Engagement Survey

Measure and improve the engagement drivers that matter most to build a great company culture. Track changes in engagement levels and indicators such as the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) over time.

Pulse Survey

Design your own survey process, frequency, duration and more. Monitor engagement drive through pulse survey to turn annual action plan to monthly or quarterly action plan.


Celebrate wins and recognize the great work of colleagues by sending them a praise. Admin can see the feedback distribution across teams and identify top contributors in your workplace.


Recognize employee's great achievement and outstanding performance with badges and put gratitude with pride.

Suggestion box

Anonymous or identified suggestions are supported to let employee voice out their thoughts. Identify the areas to improve workplace continuously.


An anonymous channel for employee to pass on information concerning wrongdoing such as discrimination, sexual harassment or illegal activity before it turns into disaster.

Corporate Benefit Scheme

Keep employee motivated with access to your great corporate benefit schemes. Keep everyone updated with ad-hoc benefit and corporate gifts to increase happiness.

Purtato Benefit Scheme

Upgrade your corporate benefit scheme by subscribing Purtato benefits. Benefits sourced directly from merchants in the city.


Make your events e.g. training, team building, celebration, weekend gathering to be published and push new updates anytime.


Employee can enroll anytime on mobile. Administrator can keep track of participation list.

Purtato Event

Purtato has sourced events suitable for business to host internally. Make your engagement action plan easier.

What's so Special?


Backed by scientific research and developed by our expert team and customize as needed.


Explore hidden insight with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to monitor engagement level.

User Friendly

User experience driven design to let employee to enjoy it. Incorporate gamification to make it fun to use.

Cloud Service

Software-as-a-Service platform built with sophisticated technology. Simple setup on the spot.


Employee can raise their honest feedback and idea freely under a protected identity.


Mobile-first platform to all employees to stay connected anywhere. No need for any manual work or paper work.

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