We make employee engagement to be your ultimate solution for business growth

To achieve business goal, you always need to ensure your customers are happy, to do that, you need your employees to deliver.

We believe truly-engaged employees are essential assets to the success of a business, that’s why we have created the first Employee Engagement Platform in Hong Kong, a “Swiss Army Knife” to engage, connect and align employees with core values, goals and culture, through personalized and digital experiences that work at scale.
At Purtato, we provide a one-stop solution to enable your business to engage with employees digitally. With our user-friendly platform, you will find the necessary tools to initiate, measure, analyze, execute and communicate with your employees. Our technology and data platform allows you to quantify employee engagement level and conduct in-depth analysis directly.
We help businesses to focus on people, engage employees in the right way and create a truly engaged workplace.

Our Story


Our platform combines tools for engagement surveys, feedback and praise, employee engagement, corporate communication and goal management.


Your employee fulfillment drives the organization to perform better. Employee engagement can result in 23% more profitability, 18% more productivity, 41% in quality defects and reduced turnover. (Gallup, 2020)


Ensure all employees are aware of the purpose of their work and the value it will bring to your customer. You can drive the engagement and dedication level with a purpose.